Investment Directive

Our philosophy is guided by a whole picture approach to investing.
We believe significant value can be found by cultivating strong, long term
relationships with our partners based on cooperation, trust and transparency.


Strategic Focus

Marshall Barwick Inc.'s investment focus is primarily in the industrial equipment and metal fabrication sectors in Canada and the United States.

Our established history in these industries has given us a unique understanding of the capital requirements and cyclical nature of these businesses. We believe our best opportunity to attract returns is in these industries where we have experience.

Flexible Participation

Our public investments are typically as minority shareholders in high quality companies where we can add value as a committed partner. Because of our strong financial position, we are flexible investors who can act quickly and have the freedom to determine our investment horizon based on the merits and requirements of the opportunity. As such, we are also willing to consider sizable investments in event-driven or unconventional opportunities.

Disciplined Approach

We recognize the importance of providing for the future of a company and believe that long term growth is best served by businesses with a conservative financial structure. Utilizing a bottom-up approach, we evaluate a company on its intrinsic value, seeking fundamentally healthy companies with sustainable competitive advantages, and a demonstrated potential to provide attractive returns over the long-term regardless of macroeconomic factors.